What Are Missional Communities?

Christian Community:
Family of Christ members come together in a missional community. In these missional communities the members will regularly come together to eat, talk, share, study the Bible, pray, and grow in their love for one another and, more importantly, in their love for Christ (Acts 2:42-47).

Serve Your City:
The members of each of the Missional Communities work together in the Wesley Chapel community (and surrounding areas) serving the needs of people and forming relationships with the people. At least once a month the members of each of the missional communities serve (without condition) those in need around the city in a way they are passionate about. Each missional community has the freedom to choose how they want to serve.  Members also work to connect with friends, neighbors, and co-workers by inviting them to join us in the community service work. Unchurched and dechurched people are typically more willing to serve the community than accept an invitation to a church service today. This gives us the opportunity to connect with others and deepen relationships while showing the love of Christ to others (Matthew 25:34-40).

Love Your Neighbor:
The members of the Missional Communities also reach out to friends and neighbors in “Love Your Neighbor” weeks being intentional to get to know their neighbors by inviting neighbors to dinner, planning neighborhood cookouts, arranging a kids play time, etc. We will also look for ways to serve our neighbors as we get to know them and their needs (Mark 12:31).

Share the Gospel:
Serving others and loving our neighbors is a great way to connect with others and form relationships. Through these relationships we pray for and seek opportunities to share the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. This may come in conversations we bring up or simply serving and loving until the person asks why we do what we do. Then we can answer, always having an answer for the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15).

The communities will be led by a group of leaders from the congregation who have been raised up by God with gifts for hospitality, teaching, service, and evangelism. These leaders are trained and supported by Pastor Kurt. The missional communities will be member-led in order to allow for the natural outgrowth of new missional communities as more and more people are connected to Christ and join the mission.

As God blesses the growth of the missional communities, new missional communities continue to be formed. New leaders are trained and each new missional community is be able to find new ways to serve in ways that fit with their skills and interests.

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