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Vicars Bill Whitehead and Kurt Steinbrueck

Vicars Bill Whitehead and Kurt Steinbrueck

Hi, this is Kurt Steinbrueck and Bill Whitehead, Vicars at Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Tampa, FL.  We created the Vicar Blog because we thought members of the congregation at Family of Christ would enjoy following along with the things we are learning in our seminary classes as well as providing another way for us to interact with people Monday through Saturday.

We hope you enjoy the posts and maybe learn along with us as we study the Word of God.  We encourage you to ask questions and make comments as this blog is intended to be interactive.

The Context:
In August of 2012 we started the Specific Ministry Program (SMP) at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. The SMP program allows us to go through seminary pastoral training online while serving at Family of Christ. This is a four year program. During our first two years, we will be serving at Family of Christ as vicars while we take our first nine classes. After our ninth class, we will be ordained as pastors (God willing) and then finish our remaining 7 classes while serving as pastors.

Each class we take is a 10 week course and there will be four classes a year.  Much of what we are learning is not just good for pastors to know, but for everyone.  We’ll be posting each week about key things we’re studying in the classes and hopefully, have some engaging online (and offline) conversations with others.

We’ll also cover other topics on the blog, not just sticking to course materials, but perhaps things of interest from the church service that week, from our personal devotions, or just whatever happens to be going through our minds.

Please join us each week, not just reading, but posting comments can questions.  God bless!

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