Telling Our Stories – Getting What I Don't Deserve

what-you-deserveThis is a continuation of a blog series of the stories of God working in people’s lives.  This story is from missionalrev as found on

Living a life I don’t deserve

They say you get what you deserve in life: Good things come to the good, and the bad guys will have justice poured out them at some point! I grew up wanting to believe that, but I experienced the opposite!

I was abused as a kid for about 3-4 years. I saw the bad guys thriving while I, one of the good guys in my eyes, was locked up in a place of inner pain and hurt. There seemed to be no justice or peace.

I was also brought up around the Church. I experienced God’s love in many ways – through family; seeing answers to prayer; even witnessing a number of genuine miracles. Yet in all these glimpses of grace I was questioning God and could find only question marks in my mind.

I was 18 when I experienced the reality of God’s love for me. I had a loving family, a decent job, no addictions, was clean living, and was feeling totally lost and alone despite these things. In that lostness God stepped in and let me know how much he cared. I came into a depth of RELATIONSHIP with God through Jesus’ work on the cross and in my heart.

Life turned from dark heart to lit up life.
My perspective changed from negative to positive.
My pain and hurt changed (over time) into joy at how God was healing me.

That was 20 years ago! Since then I have seen God provide his love in so many ways:

  • a wife and three kids
  • continued provision for our family
  • God supernaturally releasing us from over £10,000 of debt so we are now DEBT FREE
  • a happy heart
  • An understanding that God walks with us in our sufferings and CAN and DOES lead us out of them
  • knowledge that God is the perfect judge over good and bad and he will deliver justice in his time
  • a calling to teach and make disciples who also follow Jesus, love God and love others

Do I deserve the life God has given me? No!! I deserve nothing, but I enjoy life as one who has been given everything by God.

– MissionalRev at Harrogate

How is God working in your life?

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