Season of Lent

Today begins the season of lent.  This period of time before Easter is meant to be a time of reflection and growth as the people of God.  Our theme for lent this year is “Praying with Jesus.”   The sermon tonight deals with Jesus teaching us to pray, and the first part of the Lord’s Prayer.  Fasting, confession, and all types of acts of service have histories in the season of lent.  The 40 day period is mentioned in writings from as early as 325, and fasting during lent in mentioned by Irenaeus, a famous church father who lived and ministered from 130-200.  

The question is sometimes asked, why fast? Why pray?  I used the analogy this morning with the students about a boat.  When you tie it to the dock and pull it tight what moves?  Not the dock but the boat moves to the dock.  Even if you have the largest cruise ship in the world now, the Harmony of the Seas, what moves when it is tied and tightened to a pier?  The ship.  Lent is meant to be a season where we tie ourselves to Jesus, with prayer or any activity that is meant to bring us closer to him.  We pray together.

Jesus, help make this season one of growth.  May I grow in my understanding of your will and the passion you have for me in Jesus.  May the grace of the cross be imprinted upon my soul by the power of your Spirit so that I move closer to You. 


Pastor Dave



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