Putting Jesus First

jesus-firstThis past Sunday we talked about how Jesus spoke to a politician who was asking Jesus this crucial question, “Good teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life?” He thought he was good enough, he thought he had the right political connections and he knew he was certainly rich enough. Rich politicians who think they have it all is not a recent phenomenon. Jesus knowing the man inside and out looked past the superficial and knew the man’s heart and the one thing that kept him from God and it was his wealth. His greatest treasure in life was his wealth. So Jesus gave him a challenge: to sell all he had and give to the poor and follow him. He left Jesus sad because the thing he had made first in life was what Jesus asked him to give up- his wealth.

What is first in your life? We posed this question to the 8th grade last week and they made a great video. Here they took the mannequin challenge and made signs about how God is meant to be first in their lives and they are second. You can see the video here.

Each of us has people (sometimes ourselves) or things that we sometimes place before our relationship with God. They are even very often good things and blessings of God, but anything that is elevated to a place that takes away from our lives of faith it can then become dangerous.

That is why we always need to see everything in perspective and try to see our actions and lives from the perspective of God. We can look pretty good comparing ourselves to other people but comparing ourselves to Jesus brings a sobering reality. We have to be thankful that we do not have to earn inherit eternal life, but get this treasure the way an inheritance is always meant to be given, by the love and grace of the one giving it. We are all blessed in so many ways beyond our wildest dreams as heirs of eternal life and heaven because Jesus did what we could not do.


Pastor Dave




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