Puerto Rico 2013: Mission Complete


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11 members of our High School Youth Group and 3 adults spent a week in Puerto Rico from July 14-20. We were able to share the love of God with a community in Ponce that desperately needed it. In our time there we hauled off junk that was filling a back yard, tore down and rebuilt a shed, painted a house, and constructed a wooden fence. The real impact that was made was through the lives that we connected with and the relationships that were formed. Throughout the week, our group was challenged to make Jesus the foundation of our lives. It was sad to see so many houses in the area we worked that had little to no support. Either the wood was rotted, or there was just poor construction in the first place. What a blessing it was for us to help these people understand the love of God given to us in Jesus Christ. What a firm foundation He gives us!!!

Check out this link to watch a video from our trip!


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