Pastor’s Blog – Dec. 4th

Dear Family of Christ,

This morning I was able to speak about the eternal blessings of Jesus as we laid into the ground the fleshly remains of one of our members Martha Clark.  Martha loved to sing and has blessed us with her voice throughout the years.  I mentioned this morning that she was brought into an incredible choir in heaven. The blessings of Jesus go beyond this year tough year of 2020 and into eternity. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)  

I wanted to remind everyone we are streaming the 11:00 service each week and we will also stream the Voters meeting at 10:05 Sunday morning.   We have a few things set for the Voters meeting.  First we have election of Officers to the Church.  We have two opening on the Church Council.  We have two people who have said they would like to serve.  We also would like to add 5 more to the Board of Deacons.  Three members have stated they would like to serve in that way but we would like two more.  If you are interested in any position talk to Vicki Portfolio the Council President, Dr. Randy Larsen the Chairman of the Deacons or to me. 

One other item on the agenda is a request from the Board of Deacons to form a Call Committee.  If you heard my sermon on November 22, I talked about retirement in the middle of 2022.  My preference would be to step back and work at Family of Christ as a part time pastoral assistant.  The best way to handle this, as we have talked on the Board of Deacons, would be to call in the next year an Associate Pastor, who would take over as Senior Pastor in 2022.  I would love to preach one or two weekends a month and do shut-in and Hospital calls.   It is hard to imagine not being here every week, but I think that planning for the future will allow me to get involved in a few things in ministry that I have wanted to do for a while but I did not have the time, like teaching at a Seminary in Kenya.   

Please prayerfully consider this and ways that we can work together to bring the eternal message of Jesus to a world so in need of him during this tough year. 

In Christ’s service,   Pastor Dave