Lenten Blog – Day 3 – March 8th

But Jacob replied, “I will not let go unless you bless me.”  Genesis 32:26

Have you ever been at a fork in the road of life?  Jacob was, and he was going home and wondering if his brother could forgive him.  He had done the wrong thing far too many times before and had left home because his brother was ready to kill him.  Now returning in a sleepless night, God knows his anxiety and comes to meet him.  Jacob holds onto God asking for a blessing.

This season of Lent and in every season of our lives we need to hold onto Jesus by faith.   He comes to meet us and it is not because we are amazing, it is because He is.  He makes us new creations by coming into this world to meet us in the cross.  You are blessed in Jesus forever. Jacob was given a new name here “Israel,” (meaning he struggles with God.)    This season of lent we rejoice that Jesus struggled, died, and rose for each of us. He also has a new name for each of us (see Revelation 2:17) that only you and he will know.

Lord Jesus, I am holding onto you forever and thank you for blessing me today.  Amen

In Christ’s Service, Pastor Dave