Lenten Blog – Day 2 – March 7

Chronicles 1:10.  “Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?”

Solomon here is asked by God, what he would like to have among all things in this world?   Anything?  What would you ask for if you were told by God to ask for anything you desire?  For many that would involve wealth, or power, or pleasure.  To be fair Solomon was already the new king so he had a great deal already but his response impresses me and it also impressed God.   He asked for wisdom and knowledge to carry out his appointed task as King.  God wants to give you the ability to carry out what he has planned for you in life.  He never asks you to do something that you are unable to do.

We now live in a day with an information overload and we need wisdom more than ever to set our priorities and sort through all of the things we see, hear, and read.  In prayer, we seek Gods ways, which are higher than ours and give us insight and wisdom into many of our tougher decisions in life.  We don’t govern others but we set up what is important and what we value.  Prayer centers our thoughts upon God and so we are enabled to see the world the way God does.

Lord I pray as Solomon did today.  Give me wisdom and knowledge.  That I may carry our your will in a life of service to my King, Jesus.

In Christ’s Service, Pastor Dave