Pastor Dave’s Lenten Blog – Ash Wednesday

Today begins the 40 days before Easter that marks the season of Lent (this includes all of the days except for the Sundays). You may think it unusual or not fitting that today is also Valentines Day. It last happened in 1956. It will happen again in only eleven years in 2029. Today is a day of hearts and love. This is one of the greatest days of the year for the sales of flowers and sentimental cards. Yet the message of Jesus in the cross is the greatest of all love stories. That is just what I take away when I consider the total message of Jesus in all that he said and even more in what he did for us. Paul states this truth in a powerful way in Romans.
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”     (Romans 5:8)
I remember hearing something similar to this verse in an unusual way. ‘True love is being willing to die for someone you want to kill.” Jesus loved people. He did not limit his love to those who followed him. He did not only love those who agreed with him. His love is the ingredient that brings change to angry hearts. He loved broken people, sinners and you and me. He even loved those who nailed him to the cross.  
During this Lenten season we are going to prayerfully thank God for the kind of love we have been given in Jesus. This love is eternal in comparison to the flowers given today. It is also lived out in action and not only in words.

In Christ’s Service,  

Pastor Dave

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