Ministry Team

Photo of Landon Ledlow
Landon Ledlow
Lead Pastor
Photo of Pr David Haara
Pr David Haara
Founding Pastor

Ministry and School Team

Photo of Jennifer Snow
Jennifer Snow
Principal Family of Christ School
Photo of Reagan Colley
Reagan Colley
Director Child Development Center
Photo of Leanne Ferguson
Leanne Ferguson
Children’s Ministry Director and Administrative/Event Coordinator
Photo of Lance Koehler
Lance Koehler
Church and School Technical Support
Photo of Louis Smith
Louis Smith
Director of Contemporary Music
Photo of Eric Burkey
Eric Burkey
Organist – Traditional Music


Photo of Vicki Portfolio
Vicki Portfolio
Church Council President
Photo of Ken Hamen
Ken Hamen
Council Treasurer
Photo of Karen Ray
Karen Ray
Council Vice President
Photo of Rebecca Pizzo
Rebecca Pizzo
Photo of Corrine Revoldt
Corrine Revoldt