Happy Father's Day

541837982_aa6055c8f1_z“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. “
-Exodus 20:12

This year on Fathers day my thoughts have turned to my father out in Arizona. He is awaiting back surgery but is waiting for his blood pressure and overall health to be a bit more stable before the surgery happens. It is hard seeing your parent’s age and this is the fist time I can remember being actually worried about my father.

In thinking about him he was always a great example of faith. His career has been involved in the finance and the accounting side of the meat industry and so from my childhood I can remember him being the treasurer of the church we went to as young kids. He was faithful and active in various Boards and gave of his time generously. He modeled working hard and growing up I always knew he left for work before 6:00 AM every morning (although I was never up that early until I had a paper route in middle school and then started getting up at 5:00). He has had an amazing amount of success but in many ways you would never know that by his actions. I learned that what you do has an even more powerful influence upon your children than what you say.

As I think of my Father this father’s day I realize that he gave me everything I ever needed but also that he made the name Father be a great name. That is important because God uses that name and even the Aramaic name that is closest to Dad, “abba.”

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and all of the Dad’s out there.

Pastor Dave

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