Please pray for the following:


  • Prayer of thanks that no one at Church has the virus.
  • Prayer for all of those in Senior facilities that are unable to have visitors, keep them safe and patient.
  • Pray  for all of those awaiting elective surgery, may they happen soon.
  • Pray for all of the students and teachers doing web based schooling.  Make this time productive.
  • Pray for any anxiety people have been having during this strange time of social distancing.
  • Prayer of thanks that live streamed services are going well and technology makes this possible.
  • Prayer of thanks that Ingeborg Miller is feeling better after being hospitalized for pneumonia, not Covid 19.
  • Prayer for the Diefenbakers heading back to Michigan next week.
  • Pray to get back to normal worship on the weekends as soon as it is safe and this virus is treated with a vaccine or a cure.

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