Forty Days of Prayer March 23

Have you ever sung a new song?   One of the things we like about old songs is that we know the words and the melody.  Brand new songs take a while before we can sing them with confidence.  Yet listen to this passage from the book of Psalms.

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.   Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.  (Psalm 96:1-2)

God in this passage wants us to sing new songs.  In fact I think He wants each of us the write new songs.  You may think I have never written a song in my life!  I also have never sung in public in my life?  How many of you sing in the shower?   I know many people who feel comfortable singing in the shower because it is one place they know they will not have an audience.   You always have an audience and that audience is God.  That is the truth even if you are only singing in your heart, God is listening.  The great thing here is that God wants to hear a new song.  A (whatever your name is) original.

When I think of new music it also makes me think a little bit of heaven.  Have you ever heard a Bach song, concerto or symphony?  You may have heard some and he has written some great music.  Wait till you hear his new stuff!   He has gotten a lot better in heaven.  You can name an artist and differing types of music and in heaven you are going to find some incredible music.   The only question I am pondering in heaven, are you really going to be able to belt out the blues, with every going on there? 

Sing to the Lord a new song and joining in will be all of creation. Let the sea resound is another verse in this Psalm.  I have thought of the waves at the ocean as the measure of music.  They seem to crash about every four beats or once a measure.  The trees of the forest will also sing for joy when they are before the Lord (verse 12).  This sounds like an incredible jam session.   Music lifts our hearts to God and calls us to pray.  The next time you pray think about singing to God, a new prayer, a new song.

In Christ’s Service,  Pastor Dave

Dear Lord, lift my soul with new songs of praise.  Thank you for the wonders of the world you have made and may all of creation and the melody of my heart praise You Holy Name. Amen.

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