Forever Young Trip to See the Manatees

Manatee_Side_ViewSaturday, January 25 – the Family of Christ Forever Young group visited Florida Power’s Manatee Observation complex at the Apollo Beach plant. All left with high assurances the manatee would be forever protected. The day’s estimate for beasts present was upwards of 300 animals basking in the warmed power plant discharge waters.

Associated with the raised boardwalk-style viewing platform, called the Tidal Walk, are a small museum, a gift shop, and an extended walkway leading toward the Tampa Bay shallows—the Coastal Habitat Nature Trail. The stroll takes guests through a trimmed-out “tunnel” of trees, a pathway which passes through a mangrove / beach berm ecosystem. The way is placarded with an assortment of educational signs describing various aspects of the flora and fauna inhabiting the area. Afterward our group ate lunch at the Sunset Grill in the Resort and Club area at Little Harbor .

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