Devotion – October 30, 2015 – Pursuing What Is Eternal

1john2_17The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.
—1 John 2:17

Let’s take a look at your day.  What is your schedule/plans for today?  What about tomorrow?…and the next day?  Is your day filled with things that are temporary or things that are eternal?  What does your budget look like?  Are you spending your money on things that are temporary or things that are eternal?

What we spend our time and our resources on reveals our desires.  Our Scripture for today reminds us that the world and it’s desires are temporary, they will pass away, but God and His will are eternal.  When we pursue the desires of the world (money, fame, pleasure, power, etc.), we are throwing our time and treasure on a fire where it is quickly consumed and reduced to nothing.  When we pursue the will of God (love and worshiping God, loving others, sharing the Gospel, etc.) we put our resources towards something that has eternal benefits both for us and for those whom we serve.

For most of us, our daily lives have become so busy, we don’t ever have the time to evaluate whether what we are spending our time on is really worthwhile.  So today, I encourage you to take some time and prayerfully consider what you spend your time and treasure on and think of some ways that you may be able to spend more time and resources on things of eternal value.

Dear Jesus,

You are eternal.  Through Your death and resurrection You have given me eternal life.  please give me an eternal perspective on life.  Reduce in me the desire for the temporal pleasures which entice, but quickly fade.  Increase in me the desire for the eternal and holy things of Your will.  Reorder my days that I might serve You and serve others in Your name.


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