Devotion – November 12, 2015 – God is Beyond Our Understanding

job37_5-6God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.
—Job 37:5

We often like to tell God how it is.  We explain our problems and then tell Him what He needs to do to fix those problems.  We tell Him how He should bless us.  Sometimes we even question the wisdom, fairness, or even goodness of the things He does.  Job did just that.  After God allowed Job to lose everything he had, even his health, Job questioned why God would do such a thing since Job had been faithful.  God’s answer…

Who are you to question Me?  Where were you when I formed the mountains and told the water you can go this far and no further. Have you commanded the mornings? Can you make it rain?

Sometimes we forget, God does great things beyond our understanding.  They may or may not be what we want, but they are what God knows is good and wise.  God created all things, sustains all things, sees all things, knows what will happen, and His goodness and justice are beyond our comprehension. So, let us humble ourselves before God and trust that even when He acts in ways we wouldn’t have chosen, that those ways (His ways) are always good, wise, and grounded in love.

Heavenly Father,

You are the great and mighty one.  You created all and hold all things together.  I know that if You were to question me, I could not stand.  Please forgive me for the times I thought I knew better than You and help me to trust that all you do is good, wise, and loving, even when things don’t go they way I want.

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