Devotion – June 1, 2015 – Worthy of Imitation

hebrews13_7Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.
—Hebrews 13:7

We all have our role models, people we look up to, people we aspire to be like.  When I was growing up, my Dad was a role model.  Later, as I got more into music, Micheal W. Smith was someone I aspired to be like.  Who are your role models and are they worthy of imitation?

The verses in Hebrews 13 leading up to verse 7 describe the the leaders spoken of in verse 7:

  • Loving one another as brothers and sisters
  • Showing hospitality
  • Remembering those in prison (arrested for the faith) and those who were mistreated
  • Having a pure marriage bed
  • Free of the love of money and content with what they had
  • Trusting God in all things to be there with us and provide for us

Then in vs 7 we see that these leaders also spoke the Word of God with others.  Then following vs 7 we are warned to watch out for false teachings.

Choosing a Role Model
When we chose who our role models are, we need to choose people who speak the Word of God, and do so rightly, and then live out their faith in God.  Sure, they may be great musicians, athletes, doctors, businessmen, etc. but they should also be Godly people who speak the Word of God faithfully and whose lives reflect their faith.

Now, all of this may sound really good, but the reality is that no one really lives up to this standard, which is why Hebrews 13 continues on to talk about Jesus’ sacrifice for our forgiveness:

And so Jesus also suffered outside the city gate to make the people holy through his own blood.
– Hebrews 7:12

No person we choose as a role model (other than Jesus, Himself) will live up to the standard perfectly, which is why it’s important that the role model also be one who is humble, able to admit their failings, and who ultimately speaks and demonstrates a life of confession and forgiveness at the cross.  The thing most worthy of imitation is found in their brokenness before Christ.

You Are a Role Model
In your life you are a role model and leader.  God constantly puts us in relationships with children, co-workers, friends, family, church members, and more and in those relationships we are role models.  By the power of God we should seek to exhibit those qualities listed above.  We won’t do it perfectly.  So, most importantly, we should speak the Word of God and show others Jesus’ work on the cross as we continually come before the cross for forgiveness ourselves, knowing that we are made holy, not through our works, but through the blood of Jesus.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you that you have put people in our lives as role models.  Help me to chose Godly, faithful people to imitate and help me to be worthy of imitation for others.  And thank you that when I fail and am not worthy of imitation in my works, that I can come to you and confess my sins and be forgiven through the blood of Jesus, which is the thing most worthy of imitation.


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