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Your WordDuring one of the meetings we had for North, we talked about the importance of spending time with God every day, both in prayer and reading His Word.  I hope this has become a regular part of your daily walk with the Lord.

In order to help with this, we are going to start posting daily devotions on the Family of Christ North | Wesley Chapel Facebook page.  Each day we will be posting 2 devotions:

  • Verse of the Day: This will be a short devotion that is based on one or two verses each day.  These devotions will either come from Pastor Kurt’s blog or from the VerseoftheDay website.  This devotion is intended to give you something that you can do in just a couple of minutes.  I encourage you to also have another, longer period of time each day for you and God or family devotions.
  • Daily Time with God: This is a longer and more in-depth devotion developed by Rev. Carl Schneider, an LCMS pastor currently serving at Faith Lutheran Church in Marietta, Georgia. The devotion is designed to provide a biblical perspective on the daily challenges of life and to show the reader that there is always hope in and through Jesus. The link to daily Bible readings encourages people to read through the Bible every year and the addition of a song at the end of each lesson provides an opportunity to praise God each day!

So, be sure to “Like” the Family of Christ North | Wesley Chapel Facebook page so you can received these daily devotions.  Also, I recommend liking and/or sharing the individual devotions at least periodically both to share them with your friends and because Facebook is more likely to show you the devotions each day if you like/share them.  (FYI – Facebook often doesn’t show you all the posts of your friends and liked pages, just the ones you interact with the most)

I pray you will find these devotions helpful in your daily walk with God.

God bless!

Pastor Kurt

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