Counting Your Blessings

15269551693_dc2615edea_z“From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.”
-John 1:16

Have you ever heard the expression, “Count your blessings?” This verse made me think of that expression. The abundance of God’s grace in Jesus gives us one blessing after another. Have you ever literally tried to count all of your blessings?

I asked the kids at chapel Monday morning to give an example of the blessings they have from God. Here are some of their answers: life, food, my brother, tests, my family, video games (this one drew a big response), all of our teachers, the perfect sacrifice, (a great name for Jesus) SAT’s, sports, this school, recess, hockey, math, my mom, friends, and candy. I stopped after a few minutes but there were another 50 hands in the air.

When you do try to make a list of all of the things you are thankful for the list is longer than we realize. A great to start each prayer is to say five things you are blessed with in life. You can come up with five new ones each time you pray and I can imagine it will take a long time before you run short of new things to regard as blessings of God. Each and every day of life brings new things and new people to realize that we are blessed in Christ in more ways than we can count.

Pastor Dave

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