Children's Church and Sunday School


We will be adding a weekly Children’s Sunday School to our ministry beginning October 2, 2016, at 9:15 am.  Please read the explanation below for the difference between Children’s Church and Children’s Sunday School, and the reasons we believe both are important.

Children’s Church:
Children’s church is intended to do two things.

  1. Give the kids a church experience that is specifically directed to their level.
  2. Allow the parents to focus on the Gospel and sermon.

The sermon during the regular church service is typically given at an adult level. Kids may pick up some things from the sermon, but most of it is over their heads. Thus, most kids color or do other things during the sermon. So, we want to provide the kids with a message that is given at their level (in subject matter, style, and language). In addition, the music during the rest of the service can be a little too complex for the younger kids. So, we also want to provide the kids with a musical worship experience of songs that are at their level and are repeated enough for them to learn. Finally, 15-20 minutes (my typical sermon length) can be a long time for some kids to sit still. The Children’s Church experience can include songs with motions to allow the kids to move some and even during the message time (or story time) the kids can still feel more free to move some while listening. You’ll notice that much of this is incorporated into our family services for the same reasons.

As to the second point, because 15-20 minutes can be a long time for some kids to sit still, they tend to start to do things which can be a distraction to their parents and the people around them. By having the Children’s Church during the sermon, it allows the parents to focus on the sermon.

Sunday School:
Sunday School is intended to go a little deeper in teaching a Bible lesson by teaching with several methods. These methods may include a song, an activity, a craft, interactive questions while talking about the lesson, storytelling, etc.

Initially, we will have one class for all the Sunday School aged kids. As we grow and have more children and more volunteers to teach, we will split the kids into age groups to provide more age-specific discussions and activities.

Why Both?
There are several reasons we want to move to having both Children’s Church and Sunday School.

  1. The duration of Children’s Church (during the sermon) isn’t really enough time to complete the activities we would like to be doing in Sunday School.
  2. Only doing Sunday School before the church service doesn’t give the kids the worship experience described above and doesn’t provide parents with the opportunity to focus on the sermon.
  3. We eventually plan to also offer Sunday School for adults when we either have enough adults to allow for us to have Sunday School and people setting up for the service or when we have a location where we don’t have to set everything up every week. We felt like there was no need to make the kids wait for Sunday School until adult Sunday School was also able to be done.

We hope this helps to clear up why we are looking to start Sunday School and continue Children’s Church.




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