Are You Consecrated?

Two weeks ago we talked about what it means to be “Consecrated?”  I asked the children this question and they gave me a blank stare like I had asked them to explain quantum physics.   The actual definition is to be dedicated to a sacred purpose or to be used by God to accomplish his will.  Not many adults or to be used by God to accomplish his will.  Not many adults could give that great definition either for being consecrated.  For that Sunday, which was also Reformation Sunday, a good way of describing this in those terms was also one of the major insights of Luther was the Priesthood of all believers.


In 1 Peter 2: 5-9, twice Peter talks about all of us as Priests.  In the Old Testament, the priests could go places in the Temple and do things others were not supposed to do.  But now in Jesus, all of us are Priests.  We are all called a holy priesthood and priests who declare the praises of Jesus who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.   Being consecrated into ministry is another way of saying this and that is what we all are in Jesus.


Being consecrated does not always mean things you do at church, but actions in every part of your life.  I told the story of a Pre-Med student at the University of California, at Berkeley, who became a Christian after a long spiritual journey, which included many doubts and questions. When asked why he had become a Christian, he answered by saying the thing that had influenced him the most was not the Bible, or a great Christian book, or even a sermon that he heard at church. Instead, this young man pointed to the actions of a classmate who happened to be a Christian. It seems that this young Pre-Med student had gotten a bad case of the flu and had missed 10 days of classes one Semester. His Christian friend took it upon himself to pick up all of his assignments and devoted several days to helping him get caught up. The Pre-Med student said, ‘You know that kind of thing just isn’t done. I wanted to know what made this guy act the way he did. When he talked about Jesus, I even found myself asking if I could go to church with him.

That is a way of reflecting the marvelous light of Jesus, and that is another definition of being consecrated.

Pastor Dave





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