Amazing Faith

Last week at our 8th grade graduation I asked the graduating class if they knew how to tell God a joke?  The answer is, “tell Him your plans!”  This reminds us that God knows everything and nothing is surprising to God.   However people have amazed God with their faith.  A rare example of this is found in Luke 7:9 where Jesus is amazed at the faith of a Roman Centurion.   In this passage a Centurion is asking that Jesus heal a beloved servant of his.  Jesus is on His way to the home when the Centurion tells Jesus not to come to his house because he does not deserve Jesus being in his house, but just say the word so that his servant may be healed.  He knows Jesus has authority to do what He wants so just say the word to heal this servant.

There are two aspects of this that I think that make his faith amazing.  First of all, Jesus is impressed by the humility of this soldier or better to say, officer of the Roman Legion.  He was most likely the highest ranking officer in Capernaum and therefore the most powerful man in town.  In his eyes he was not worthy to have Jesus come to his house.   How often, is the life of the most powerful filled with such humility?   Secondly he did not ask to see this miracle and what Jesus would do.  He said, “say the word, and my servant will be healed.”   People commonly wanted to see Jesus perform a miracle.  They wanted to see him do something with their own eyes.  This Centurion’s faith knew Jesus can heal and at a distance was just as well with him.

I have asked myself before if I have ever acted in faith in such a way as to amaze Jesus?  The sorry truth is that all too often my faith does not have the humility and powerful confidence of this Centurion.   A prayer of mine is that we all have the kind of faith that Jesus want to tell others about.  It happened with a Centurion in the town of Capernaum who amazed Jesus with his faith.

In Christ’s Service, Pastor Dave

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