A New Class Begins

pouring-colorsBill and I have started a new class called Lutheran Distinctions.  The class covers several of the distinctions the Lutheran church makes in theology.  Some of the distinctions we will be covering are:

  • Law and Gospel
  • The two kingdoms
  • Two kinds of righteousness
  • Theology of the Cross vs Theology of Glory
  • etc.

Lutherans distinguish between these things.  For example, we distinguish between Law (what God commands) and Gospel (what God does for us).

Other Christian groups do not make these distinctions, confusing (or combining) the two ideas.  For example, in regards to the two kingdoms, Lutherans distinguish between two ways that God rules the world, though governments and through the church.   Lutherans keep the two kingdoms separate, but some groups confuse (or combine) the two, teaching that the government should control the church.  One clear example of this is the formation of the Church of England.  Also, in the U.S. many states originally had a state church.

We are a couple weeks into the course now and over the next 8 weeks we will be examining what these distinctions are, why we make these distinctions, and what impact making these distinctions or confusing them makes on what we believe and teach faith and salvation.

We’ll write more about the individual distinctions in the coming weeks.

Share your thoughts:

  • What Lutheran distinctions do you particularly like or find important?
  • Are there any distinctions which you would like to know more about?

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