Forty Days of Prayer – Day 15

Life at many times brings forks in the road. You come to a point in your life when you are unsure of going one way or another. This happens in small and trivial things like what do I have for lunch, but more importantly in big things that change the rest of your life. That is the case in the passage below.

Pray that the LORD your God will tell us where we should go and what we should do.”
(Jeremiah 42:3)

Jeremiah prays and asks the Lord what the people should do? Babylon has just captured Jerusalem and it is in shambles. The future is full of question marks. Some are suggesting they move to Egypt where they know there is food and stability. It is hard to imagine the children of Israel considering going back to Egypt after all of their history with Egypt. It reminds of the people complaining about the food during the journey to the Promised Land, and thinking maybe they should go back. God answered this prayer through Jeremiah and told the people to not be afraid of the King of Babylon. To stay where they were and God made the promise to be with them and to have compassion upon them as they stay in the land.

Sometimes life brings does bring huge choices with long lasting results. The decisions to take a new job that will move you across the country; should you marry this individual; and what kind of priority is given to your faith and your relationship with God. Always remember to bring these decisions to God in prayer. In my experience God has a way of leading you in the right direction. Sometimes He speaks to your gut and heart. Sometimes He sends wise counsel from someone else. In all choices remember that the promise God made through Jeremiah, He makes to all of us in Jesus, that he will always be with us and have compassion on us.

In Christ’s Service, Pastor Dave

Dear Lord, help me in all of the choices I face in life. Sometimes these decisions have long term consequences. Thank You, that in Christ Jesus, You make the promise of Your compassion and Your abiding presence now and forevermore. Amen

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