Located in Sydney’s inner west, SMBC offers students a flexible approach by offering a range of accredited degrees and diplomas (FEE-HELP available)Studying the Bible is something we should all do daily and it is also good to regularly gather with others and study the Bible together.  However, there are different ways to have a Bible study.  So, what do you prefer?

  • Lecture – Do you prefer to hear a presentation about the Scripture/topic you are studying?
  • Discussion Groups – Would you rather have a discussion where everyone can share their thoughts on the Scripture/topic?
  • Stories – Do you like to hear a related story that illustrates the Scripture/topic?
  • Case Studies – With case studies, you are asked to write/talk about a situation where you would apply the Scripture/topic.
  • Activities – Do you prefer a class that spends a little time talking about the Scripture/topic and more time putting it into action either in role playing or service/mission events?
  • Something Else?

So, which do you prefer?  You can select more than one, if you wish.  Leave a comment below. 

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