Who Is Greater?

john3_30He must become greater; I must become less.
-John 3:30

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years raising my daughter is how much her world revolves around her.  She wants to know everything that’s going on around her.  When someone gets something, she wants to know she can have it.  When someone tells a story, she immediately relates it to something about herself.

This is a normal thing for a child, but the truth is we don’t change that much as we grow up.  Even as adults we often put ourselves in the center of everything.

The passage above is John the Baptist speaking about the Christ.  John had become a big deal.  He was making waves with his interesting choice of clothes and food and preaching a message of repentance. Lots of people were coming out to see him and even more had heard of him.  The temptation for anyone in that situation is to keep that fame and popularity going.  However, John knew that he was just preparing the way, someone greater was coming and his job was to get people ready and then step aside.  He much become less and Jesus become greater.

Our lives are similar.  It can be very tempting to make things about us.  When we start to get noticed and praised, we want that to continue and get more of it.  However, our lives, like John’s, have a greater purpose.  As followers of Jesus we point to Him.  The Bible says we are the light of the world; and we are, it’s just that our light is a reflection of the true light of the world, Jesus.  So, we must become less and He must become greater.

Jesus showed us this Himself.  He was willing to become less, to become man.  He was willing to suffer and die so that we could become more…so we could become the children of God.  As Jesus said,

“Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
-Matthew 20:28

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for coming to serve and give Your life for us.  Help us to live in such a way that our lives point to You so that others will come to know Your saving grace.  May we become less and You become more.


In Christ,
Pastor Kurt

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