Red Letter Day 37: The God Who Blesses

2015 Lent Blog

Thursday March 26

unnamed(20)Then Jesus said to them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”
(Mark 12:17)

This answer is an ingenious answer to the question if they should pay taxes to the hated Caesar. In Jesus’ day as today also the question of taxes is a hot button issue. It is because we value what we have and do not want to part with it, especially when something is going to a despised Roman government. This answer brings up the question, who makes the money? It is Caesar so give them the taxes owed. The other side of this then is what is God’s? You are. Every part of you is God’s and that includes finances. As God’s people we are called to use every gift we have in thanksgiving. These means giving of ourselves, our time, and our treasure to the one who has blessed us even more than we can measure.

Maybe you have heard the old argument about the glass, is it half full or half empty? This debate touches on perspectives on what one has in life. Half full type people see their possessions while half empty people see what they are lacking. The best answer I have heard in this debate is that neither answer is right. What you need to do is look at who is filling the glass. It is God and with him there is never a shortage but one who is ready to pour. He poured out his blood for our forgiveness and he will continue to shower us with blessings beyond what we ever may need.

In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Dave

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