Lessons on Lessons

Miss Logan in Ohio State Normal College Model School classroom 1911This week in our class we learned about lesson plans.  After weeks of educational theory, analyzing students, conceptualizing curricula, and setting goals, we finally let the rubber meet the road.  How do you teach the content of a class in a way that the students will listen and understand what is being taught as well as find it relevant to their lives?  Even more, how can you teach a class in a way that people’s lives will change?

We discussed several methods and theories and the teacher emphasized the importance of using a variety of methods and not getting stuck on one…you know…like not lecturing all the time.  Good point.  Then again, who doesn’t love a solid 1 hour lecture, right? 😉

In addition to listing different methods and theories, we also talked about the importance of selecting the right methods and theories for the students of the class.  For example, methods that work well with little kids, probably won’t work so well with adults.  So, it’s important to choose methods that fit the students.  It’s also important to choose the best method for teaching the subject matter.  For example, sometimes discussion will work well, but other times an activity might be better.

It’s actually been very helpful stuff we’ve been learning.  Hopefully it will show in the new Deeper Bible Study that will be meeting on Sundays.  If you are interested in joining a Bible Study, let me know and I’ll sign you up.

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