Lenten Blog – 3/26/2018

Yesterday began Holy Week.  We start the week with Palm Sunday and End with Easter.  During this week we have some unique worship services during the week, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  It can seem like nothing is really going on Monday through Wednesday, but the Bible records several things that Jesus did during this time.  He wasn’t just sitting in a room somewhere waiting for His time to be arrested.  He was going to the temple, teaching, cursing a fig tree, foretelling of His death and resurrection, scolding the Scribes, and more.
Sometimes life feels like the Monday of Holy Week.  We have something big coming up and we can get stuck just waiting for it.  Maybe it’s a new job, maybe it’s graduation (I feel you, seniors!), maybe it’s retirement, maybe it’s a mission trip, or maybe it’s a vacation.  However, If all we do is sit and wait, we may miss out on things that are happening right now, some of which may be pretty amazing.  Today, you may have a chance to pray for someone, share the Gospel, give an encouraging word, see something beautiful, or see how much you are loved.  Life isn’t just made up of big moments, it’s also made up of lots of smaller moments, some of which can actually turn out to be big moments.
As you go through today, take some time to pray for God to show you those moments throughout the day where He has something in store for you.
In Christ,
Pastor Kurt