Lenten Blog – 3/25/2018

Yesterday, several of us from the church went to Fort De Soto for fishing and playing on the beach.  It was a beautiful day for it.  As we approached Fort De Soto, I noticed something, there were more and more palm trees as we got closer to the beach.  I couldn’t help but think of Palm Sunday.
Palm Sunday is an interesting day.  It’s a day we celebrate Jesus’ final entrance into Jerusalem before Good Friday.  The people in Jerusalem celebrate Him.  They shout, “Hosanna!”, which means “Save us”.  But it’s ironic.  These people also, just a few days later, cried out, “Crucify Him”.  In a sense though, both things they shouted were the same.  They just didn’t realize it.  Jesus did what was needed for their salvation by being crucified.
Today, we join the people of Jerusalem, crying out, “Hosanna!”…”Save us!”  Unlike the people of Jerusalem, we say this knowing that it took Jesus being crucified for our sins for us to be saved.  So, as we celebrate the triumphal entry of our King, our hosanna is wrapped in humble gratefulness knowing the cost He would pay to save us.
In Christ,
Pastor Kurt