I'd Never Do THAT!!

matthew7_3-5Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?
-Matthew 7:3

There are some really rotten people in the world aren’t there?   Like those people who use foul language.  I’d never to that!  Or those people who have driven after drinking too much.  I’d never do that!  Then there are those people who…

I could go on with my rant.  However, after a while you might notice some things missing from my list.  I may not mention how rotten people are who show up late for meetings.  That hits a little too close to home…and that’s not THAT horrible is it?  I might not mention gluttony, lest you look at my waistline.

Of course, the truth is that even with the list I might give, I’m probably guilty of many of those things too, like the fact that there have been times in my life when my language would have made a sailor blush.

I once heard a quote from someone speaking at a huge conference (I can’t remember what their name was).  They said,

“If you all only knew all the horrible sins I’ve committed in my life, none of you would come to hear me speak.  But that’s OK.  If I knew all the horrible sins you’ve committed, I wouldn’t come speak to you.”

We’re all sinners.  The problem is that we tend to downplay our pet sins and be repulsed by other people’s sins.  We also tend to not notice when we do the very things that we think are so horrible for others to do.

What today’s Bible verse is telling us is that instead of being so consumed with the sins of others, we should take time to examine ourselves.  As we see the planks in our eyes, we can confess our sins and repent, knowing that we find forgiveness in Christ.  Then, when we see the specks in other people’s eyes, we can remember our own planks and how those many sins have been forgiven.  Then, instead of attacking our brother or sister for their sin, we can gently and lovingly share the forgiveness of Christ with them.

Heavenly Father,

I confess to you that I have sinned against you and against others.  I often overlook my own sins or think they aren’t as bad as other sins.  I often think others are much worse sinners than I am.  But I know that I am a sinner, just as much as everyone else.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Please also help me to share that forgiveness with others.


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