Devotion – June 18, 2015 – Wisdom Begins with Faith in God

proverbs9_10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
—Proverbs 9:10

We love seek knowledge and try to be wise.  Walk into any book store and you’ll find an entire section of self-help books.  When we want to buy something, we search Google for hours to find all the options and information first.  We talk to friends and neighbors and we find mentors for work.  These sources of information can be good, but if you want to be truly wise, that begins with the fear (love, respect, humility, faith) of the Lord and true understanding comes from knowing the Lord.

The truth is that while the world loves to share its wisdom, it’s wisdom is faulty and foolish.  God’s wisdom often flies in the face of the world’s wisdom, but we must have faith that God is the source of true wisdom.  So, where do we turn for true wisdom?  It begins with faith in the Lord Jesus and humbling yourself to His teachings and His ways.  Then we learn more about God by regularly studying the Bible.  We pray and ask God for wisdom, guidance, and understanding.  Finally, we can talk with friends, family, mentors, etc. who also have faith in Jesus and who have been shown to have wisdom.

Dear Jesus,

Help me to turn to you for wisdom and trust your ways, even when the world says it’s foolish.  Forgive me for when I try to be wise from my own understanding or when I seek the world for its wisdom.  Thank you that even when I follow the wrong advice, you are always there to draw me back to you in grace and forgiveness.


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