As a Dog Returns to His…

4451707157_15d8e883ff_z“As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.
-Proverbs 26: 11

Some Proverbs hit you right between the eyes, this is one of those. I have to confess that I am a dog lover. Our dog Buddy I have to think is the most popular member of the family at all times. Still I have seen dogs do this in my lifetime and it is a shocking behavior.

Some animals that chew the cud regurgitate food and chew on it again. Dogs do not do this but they are able to eat food that has been vomited. It must not have the same concentrations of stomach acids that humans have. What is so powerful about human vomit is the nauseating odor. Having a School and CDC for the past 15 years I have cleaned up my share. My advice in those situations is, just do not breathe!

In the same shocking light are those who do the same wrong thing again and again. I have to say my failures in life have been the greatest learning opportunities. Some call that the school of hard knocks.

A fool in proverbs is the opposite of the wise and learned because they are not willing to learn and grow. Being able to say I made a mistake and change for the better is a major blessing of the grace we have in Jesus. Jesus forgives us because He loves us and that gives me the opportunity to start each day anew.

Pastor Dave

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