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Pastor David Haara’s Blog

Pastor David Haara

Pastor David Haara

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Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,

We would like to invite you to Family of Christ. This congregation exists to remind you that you are a part of the family of Our Lord by the love and forgiveness that we share in Jesus, and to proclaim that love and grace with all people. We welcome you here to this website today.


Our current Main sanctuary

Our current Main sanctuary

“Our mission is to love and serve God, by bringing all people into His family and to love and care for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.” We are people who by faith see ourselves as a family created by the love and grace of Jesus. In every aspect of ministry and life the focus of what we do, is done in the name of Jesus and in thanks to Him. He is the one who calls us brothers and sisters and makes us that through the cross. He is the light in the darkness and the reason for this church’s existence. [Read more…]