What Are Your Goals?

5952852137_315996159aThis past week we’ve been talking about setting goals for classes.  One of the more common mistakes Christian educators in churches (not in schools where they have formal curricula and testing) make is not thinking about the goals for a lesson or class.  Why are you teaching this?  Setting a goal helps the teacher to determine how a lesson should be taught and evaluate whether the teaching was effective.

This got me thinking that this isn’t just an issue for church teachers.  We often don’t have goals in our own lives.  Just like how goals can help a teacher decide what they want to teach, how to teach it, and determine whether the teaching was effective, so having goals in our lives can help us to decide what we need to be doing, how we do things, and whether we moving down the right path towards achieving those goals.

Have you thought about goals?  What goals do you have for your life? How do you set goals?

Let’s talk about it… [Read more…]

SMP Mid-Class Recap

ChecklistThe seminary said had off last week, which (oddly enough) means we have no class this week.  Yeah, don’t think about it too hard or you might find yourself in the corner banging your head against the wall.  Anyway, I thought that since this week we don’t have class, I’d take a slightly different approach to the blog.

To keep things interesting and not have the blog just be some list of things we cover, I usually focus on one or two things from our studies that week which would be relevant to everyone outside the classes.  However, this means that I don’t really write about everything we’re studying.  So, this week, I thought I’d tell you exactly what we’ve been studying. [Read more…]

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Your Life’s Calling

As-for-me-and-my-houseThis week we in our class continued our discussion of the Catechism, looking at the latter part of the Catechism, Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, Confession/Absolution, Daily Prayers, and the Table of Duties.  From church alone, most of us are at least somewhat familiar with Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, and Confession and Absolution.  And we all know it’s good to pray daily, even if we aren’t familiar with Luther’s daily prayers.  But I think the Table of Duties is probably the least known to most people, but they are very good and what they teach us is extremely important.  So, what is the Table of Duties? [Read more…]

The Theme of Faith

faithOver the past week our class has been looking at the first three parts of the Catechism, the Commandments, the Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer.  As always, there’s ton of great stuff that I could talk about with this, but one of the greatest is the theme we see throughout the Lutheran Catechism. [Read more…]

How Do You Learn?

studyingWe’ve all read articles about the best way to teach.  It seems that every month or two someone else throws in their two cents about what they think the best way is.  Here’s the thing, though, we’re not all the same.  What works really well as a way for you to learn might be frustrating to someone else.  This week in our class we talked a lot about how people learn and how that affects how we teach.

Ways People Learn: [Read more…]